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Since the late 1800s, Reebie has not only been the oldest, but the most reliable Chicago storage services provider. Our comprehensive and flexible Chicago storage services are unsurpassed in the industry. Our storage warehouse is even a recognized Chicago landmark, easily distinguishable in downtown Chicago by its Egyptian Revival architecture.

We pride ourselves on our Chicago storage services, and we recognize the most important aspects of your needs: space, security, safety and preservation. We offer 70,000 square feet of Chicago self-storage, 250,000 square feet of Reebie DataBank records storage and 250,000 square feet of household storage. Our Chicago self-storage facility is fireproof, ensuring the safety of your belongings. When applicable, we provide One-Touch Storage service, guaranteeing that your belongings are not damaged and remain in the condition you left them. With the use of pallets, careful sealing and a forklift, we minimize the amount of unnecessary contact with your belongings by reducing it to "One-Touch."

Chicago Self Storage

When using our Chicago self-storage facility, Store Your Things, we also provide many packing options at your disposal. We sell many boxes in different shapes and sizes, and we even have free boxes available where applicable. To further facilitate your Chicago self-storage process at Store Your Things, we sell premade kits with four different packing options, taking the guess work out of packing.

We have long been a company with Chicago storage services which extend the most inclusive options to our customers, and this quality standard is reflected in our various Chicago storage services. Request a free quote online to evaluate your storage needs. Whether it is to create more room in your old house, hold recently purchased furniture until the new house is ready or any other storage need, our trained professionals are the will cater to your individual desires and demands.

Reebie DataBank

Reebie DataBank

Since 1880, the Reebie Storage and Moving Company has been the innovative leader in the Chicago area for records management and storage systems.

Store Your Things Self Storage

Store Your Things Self Storage

When you're in need of Chicago self-storage services, Reebie has your storage solution. Reebie's Store Your Things.




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